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iGPS launches new pallet rental service for pharma, life sciences industries

PBR Staff Writer
Pharmaceutical Business Review
Published 20 October 2010

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS), a US based operator of the pallet rental service providing all-plastic pallets with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, is offering iGPS bios for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

iGPS claimed that the new service iGPS bios provides a level of pallet hygiene and security that cannot be achieved with pallets made of wood or other organic materials.

iGPS chairman and CEO Bob Moore said the iGPS bios programme consists of several premium elements.

“First, each iGPS pallet is inspected to ensure that its condition is pristine. Next, each pallet is individually washed and sanitised at an iGPS facility, then immediately enclosed in protective wrapping to maintain its hygienic condition,” Moore said.

“This wrapping will prevent bacteria, pathogens, and chemical contaminants, whether airborne or on supply chain surfaces, from contaminating bios pallets.”

Each iGPS pallet has four RFID tags embedded in its frame, which enables tracking and tracing throughout the supply chain.

Additionally, iGPS has begun deploying Spider AT tags, which is a battery-powered GSM/GPRS/GPS wireless tag that can transmit critical information about iGPS pallets, including iGPS-defined alerts, specific events and highly-accurate pallet location, throughout its pallet fleet.

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