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IFCO Introduces New RPCs for Bananas, Berries and Eggs

New Reusable Plastic Container Designs Deliver Higher-Quality Perishables From Farm to Store

NEW ORLEANS, LA–(Marketwire – May 3, 2011) – IFCO SYSTEMS is pleased to introduce three new additions to its existing portfolio of reusable plastic containers (RPCs) for three different commodities: bananas; eggs; and strawberries. Each of the new containers was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of its respective product, ensuring higher quality at the retail store and greater supply chain efficiencies. These new RPCs are current examples of how IFCO creates value by providing innovative returnable transport packaging solutions to retailers.

IFCO’s new RPC for bananas protects product better than traditional packaging and provides faster cooling and better temperature management for fruit ripening and freshness at retail display. In addition, its ergonomic design and secure stacking ability generate supply chain and handling efficiencies. Grocery retailers and banana shippers alike are excited by this RPC’s performance and are eager to continue its implementation in the market.

IFCO is the first to commercially introduce an RPC designed to address the unique needs of strawberries within the industry standard 60cm x 40cm footprint. IFCO’s berry RPC facilitates faster cooling and protects delicate product better through the supply chain, delivering superior quality strawberries to consumers. Anthony Gallino, Vice President of Sales at California Giant Berry Farms (CalGiant), said: “We tested the new 6408N RPC extensively, from field harvesting to cooling to loading and distribution center receipt. The collaborative effort between CalGiant, IFCO and retail resulted in a very positive start up with early shipments a real success.”

In addition, the RPC accommodates a pack of nine one-pound clamshells, a 9% increase in clamshells per pallet delivered versus the conventional corrugated pack. The new strawberry RPC also cross-stacks to build a strong pallet and eliminates the need for tie sheets and other packaging materials.

IFCO also offers innovation to fresh egg producers and retailers by introducing a new RPC that provides advanced technology to improve protection and quality of eggs from source to consumers. The results from an extensive commercial trial show that the new egg RPC reduces egg breakage shrink by more than half. The RPC reduces store labor in merchandising activities as one side of the crate opens fully for display, enabling a “one-touch” system from the farm to the dairy case.

Additional Information

IFCO is an international logistics service provider with more than 210 locations worldwide. IFCO operates a pool of over 116 million Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) globally, which are used primarily to transport fresh produce from growers to leading grocery retailers. In the United States, IFCO also provides a national network of pallet management services. IFCO is the market leader in this industry with almost 200 million pallets sorted, repaired and recycled annually. IFCO is part of Brambles Limited.

WORLDWIDE RESPONSIBILITY is an IFCO initiative, under which IFCO not only continues to assume its social and environmental responsibility but, working with strong project partners, expands its sphere of responsible activities. With the initiative’s first social-engagement project, IFCO supports Food Banks worldwide in their honorable effort to provide food to the needy through the provision of reusable containers and by co-financing delivery vehicles.

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