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Heineken Mexico goes plastic: PTM’s Ultra Pallet® scores high

By September 2, 2014December 30th, 2020Food & Beverage, General, Industry News, Member News, Pallets, Products, RPA News

PTM consolidates its position in the plastic pallet industry

ultra-pallet by ptmPTM recently closed negotiations with Heineken Mexico to accomplish the introduction of plastic pallets in its 6 plants. This means they will stop using wooden pallets, replacing them with PTM´s Ultra Pallet®.

Ultra Pallet® offers the lowest pallet per trip in the industry. Other benefits include but are not limited to: efficiency in production lines, cost reduction as it doesn´t require repairs and fumigation during its life cycle, lighter weight and eco-friendly since it´s made of recycled material, and it´s 100% recyclable.

Tests carried out by Virginia’s Tech Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design indicate that the Ultra Pallet® can withstand 100 trips, over twice the number of trips of a traditional plastic pallet.

This product will enhance Heineken’s operating and transportation efficiency which will translate into significant savings in long-term operational costs for the company.

“Changing the pallets we use will result in significant savings for our manufacturing, storage and transportation processes, as well as provide the added benefit of lower environmental impact. We chose PTM’s Ultra Pallet® because it is definitely the best option on the market; for its durability, impact-resistance and total cost of ownership,” explained Marc Busain, CEO of Heineken Mexico.

With a successful track record of more than 37 years of operations, PTM, a unit of FEMSA group of companies, serves customers in different industries including the food and beverage, automotive, and retail.

PTM operates two production plants in Mexico. Utilizing injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming and extrusion technologies, the company’s capacity exceeds 20,000 tons of plastic resin.

The Ultra Pallet® has brought important benefits in different countries during the last years. Some PTM customers who are now using the Ultra Pallet® for their operations include: Coca-Cola FEMSA (Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Brazil), Jugos del Valle (Mexico), iGPS (USA) and other important distributors.

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