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Grand Opening Of iGPS’ National Sales And Innovation Center Exhibits Latest In Pallet Technology To Supply Chain Professionals

BENTONVILLE, AR – October 12, 2010 – Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS Company, LLC), operator of the world’s first pallet rental service providing all-plastic pallets with embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, hosted customers, supply chain professionals, members of the media and community leaders at the grand opening of its new National Sales and Innovation Center in Northwest Arkansas throughout last week.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony at the grand opening of iGPS’ National Sales and Innovation Center in Northwest Arkansas. Pictured in the front row from the left, are: Ed Clifford, President of the Bentonville Chamber of Commerce; Bentonville Mayor Bob McCaslin; iGPS President Rex Lowe; iGPS Vice President of Retail Development April Kuga; and iGPS Vice President of Sales Rich McClelland

Following a ribbon-cutting by Bentonville Mayor Bob McCaslin, iGPS’ 8,000 square foot National Sales and Innovation Center was officially opened for guests to tour the facility and learn through interactive exhibits and an automated warehouse environment how iGPS represents a quantum leap in pallet rental. Over 20 interactive displays provide detailed information on iGPS’ all-plastic pallet with embedded RFID tags, as well as the ancillary services and technologies that comprise iGPS’ complete solution. iGPS’ business partners and their contributions to the company’s offering are key elements of the display. Participating partners include: Alien Technology, Belacon, Egemin Automation, Enfora, EPC Solutions, Motorola, Ryder System, and Schoeller Arca Systems.

“By opening our new National Sales and Innovation Center, we are demonstrating our commitment to remaining at the forefront of supply chain technology,” said Bob Moore, iGPS Chairman and CEO. “Each of our partners is a world-class provider and, together, we offer the marketplace a paradigm shift in pallet rental by delivering the world’s most advanced pallet together with leading-edge technology backed by 24/7 customer support. Our new Center showcases these innovations in a purpose-built facility, and the response has exceeded our expectations,” Moore added.

To complement the displays and exhibits at its National Sales and Innovation Center, iGPS launched a new feature on its web site ( that displays a running total of cost savings its customers have realized by switching from wood pallets to iGPS’ plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags. “iGPS customers have saved nearly $68 million in operational costs, and the number is growing by the minute,” Moore continued. “Not only does our technology help customers improve their bottom line, but our shipping solution is more hygienic and environmentally responsible, as documented in the Sales and Innovation Center.” In addition, Moore also points out that over the course of five years, iGPS customers have cumulatively prevented the destruction of over 600,000 trees, saved 635,000 gallons of fuel and averted nearly 14 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

About iGPS

iGPS operates the world’s first pallet rental service providing shippers and receivers with lightweight, 100 percent recyclable all-plastic pallets with embedded RFID tags. Its highly engineered platform—the world’s most advanced shipping pallet—is rapidly replacing wood as the platform of choice among the world’s most innovative companies. Businesses that switch from wood pallets to iGPS realize game-changing savings—as much as $2 per unitized load—thanks to lower transport costs, reduced production downtime, reduced product damage and fewer rejected loads. iGPS’ pallet is also a major advance in supply chain hygiene—a platform that is easily cleaned, will not absorb fluids that can lead to contamination and never requires treatment with toxic pesticides and fungicides. An independent life cycle analysis has documented that iGPS’ solution is dramatically better for the environment than both one-way and multiuse wood pallets. Launched in March 2006, the company has created nearly 2,000 new green jobs in the U.S. and is led by pallet and supply chain veterans with decades of experience. iGPS ( is headquartered in Orlando, FL and operates its state-of-the-art National Sales and Innovation Center in Northwest Arkansas.

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