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Finelite Sheds Light on Waste Reduction through Reusable Packaging

By William Atkinson August 19, 2013 11:55:28 am
Sustainable Planet
Finelite, Inc. manufactures high-efficiency lighting systems for schools, offices and other workplaces where lighting performance and visual comfort are essential. The company has two focuses on waste reduction. One is lean manufacturing, the whole purpose of which is to reduce waste. “We try to streamline processes and become as efficient as possible, with a focus on reducing time and materials,” said Dean Mayes, director of manufacturing.

This segues into the other initiative, which is a specific waste management program. “We began our waste management program in earnest about six years ago,” Mayes said. The company began recycling virtually everything that could be recycled – bubble wrap, shrink wrap, copper wire, defective metal parts, cardboard, paper, bottles, cans and wood. “We purchased a baler so we could recycle cardboard, instead of having to pay to have it hauled away,” he said.

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