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PACK EXPO Connects took place virtually November 9 – 13, 2020. Below you’ll find links to the informative Virtual Learning Center and Innovation Stage Sessions hosted by RPA, as well as our members’ products from the RPA Showroom’s Featured Showcase. 

Smart Packaging through a Reusable System

The digitization of the supply chain is a major initiative of businesses around the world.  Technology applications to achieve greater visibility and resiliency of product sourcing, inventory, and distribution are accelerating in response to Covid-19 disruptions.  Reusable packaging products in a system of continuous use offer the ideal platform for technology integration and automated operations.  In this live session hosted by the Reusable Packaging Association, learn the latest developments and insights from a panel of industry experts on how technology embedded in reusable packaging products will create unmatched performance and value for the movement of goods today and in the future.

Reusable Packaging in a Circular Economy

The reuse of packaging products is a preferred “inner loop” activity in a circular economy. What does this mean? How does a reusable packaging model bring circular benefits to my business? These questions and more about reusable packaging will be answered in a live panel discussion featuring industry experts from the Reusable Packaging Association. In this session, learn why the reuse of transport packaging delivers on circular principles for supply chains and enables a higher-performing, lower-cost system for the distribution of goods.

2020 Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award Presentation

Congratulations to Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate and Liviri for winning the 2020 Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award. The Liviri Vino 6, a reusable, temperature-controlled wine shipping container, demonstrated cost-savings and environmental impact reductions resulting from the replacement of traditional insulated corrugated cardboard shipping boxes for e-commerce wine shipments. Join RPA as we present the 2020 award winners and discuss their winning submission.

Get the Most Out of Your IBC: How Incorporating a Liner will Maximize the Reusability of your Container

CDF Corporation is the leading producer of liners for drums, pails, bag-in-box, and intermediate bulk containers. Our flexible packaging operations rely heavily on innovation, cutting-edge technology and materials, and manufacturing expertise. Everything we do is about customer problem-solving. In today’s discussion, Jim Gillis will discuss how incorporating CDF’s IBC liners can maximize your IBC asset. He’ll discuss how a liner can reduce cleaning costs, maximize the evacuation of valuable products, and improve your IBC turnaround time, ensuring you get the most out of your asset. We’ll be discussing three product offered by CDF: The Defender™ Liner for Stainless Steel Totes, The Air-Assist®, and the Form-Fit® liners for collapsible & corrugate IBCs.

Best Practices for Reusable, Plastic Pallet Selection

The efficient storage and transportation of palletized product is key to designing an effective and economical supply chain. Reusable, plastic pallets are a sustainable, robust solution ideal for a variety of applications and industries. There are numerous factors to consider during the pallet selection process, from rack and load type to automation equipment and temperature. Attend to learn the best practices for selecting the right plastic pallet for your unique application and environment.

Key Take-Aways:
–  Benefits of reusable, plastic pallets
–  Top factors for plastic pallet selection

Implementing Packaging Sustainability Across the Entire Supplier/End-User Spectrum.

“Packaging sustainability” is not simply a buzz phrase that sound good as a company mission statement. Sustainability can promote a circular economy, protect resources, and reduce costs. However, sustainability cannot be a one-sided relationship. You can truly implement packaging sustainability across the entire spectrum of your supplier/end-user relationships with “returnable transport packaging”. But how do you get there? We explore these ideas, along with examples of what not to do, with Maciej Sawicki, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Schoeller Allibert USA, based on his experiences growing up in Poland behind the Iron Curtain where the market conditions have not always been sustainability driven.

PlastiCorr – Your Brown Box Replacement

Make the switch to a fully reusable all-plastic box for inbound packaging and finished goods packaging applications in your supply chain. PlastiCorr® is a drop-in replacement for your current box. In this session, ORBIS will address how this solution drives ROI for today’s CPGs. We will also cover other benefits including sustainability and hygienics.

Key Take-Aways:
–  Learn about PlastiCorr features
–  Understand how it works in automated packaging lines
–  Understand the best applications for PlastiCorr

Compliance and planning got us through the pandemic. Learn how.

The Food industry in the US lost nearly 120 billion dollars during the pandemic due to loss of operations, team member sickness, and changing customer demands. With the complexity of the food supply chain the risk of another pandemic, bio-security incident, or other interruptions will continue to be a threat. Planning for crisis and implementing business continuity planning is a key part of food safety management systems and compliance. With programs like these Tosca and our reusables are ideally placed to meet customer needs, keep team members safe, and see total business growth.

Join the Reusable Packaging Association and the Reuse Revolution

Whether for packaging sustainability initiatives, cost-savings objectives, and/or supply chain resiliency needs, more businesses are considering, deploying or optimizing reusable packaging systems. The Reusable Packaging Association is a non-profit trade group with 20 years of experience working with member companies to advance industry opportunities with reusable packaging. In this session, learn how RPA is promoting the use and value of reusable packaging systems and how membership with RPA can support your company’s business interests.

Optimizing Store and Warehouse Operations for E-Commerce

The consumer e-commerce trend has dramatically exploded over the past year. The trend has caused major challenges for retailers trying to meet consumer demand and transformed store and warehouse operations. As retailers race to develop new processes and systems for e-commerce, they are confronted with new challenges, from quick and accurate order picking to limited storage and staging space. Attend to learn how to optimize stores and warehouses with reusable packaging (totes, pallets and bins) for efficient e-commerce operations.

Key Take-Aways:
– Consumer e-commerce market trends
– E-commerce operation challenges in stores and warehouses
– Strategies for designing efficient store and warehouse operations for e-commerce

Featured Showcase

The Defender™ Liner for Stainless Steel Totes

We designed the CDF Defender Liner for Stainless Steel Totes to help reduce cleaning costs and assist with corporate sustainability initiatives. Designed for various applications from chemicals, inks, food & beverage, and paints & coatings; the Defender liner will provide the ultimate protection between the stainless-steel tote and your product while drastically reducing cleaning and logistics cost.

By utilizing a liner, you’ll have always have a clean tank ready for reuse, thus reducing the transfer and logistics arrangements and charges involved with a dirty stainless-steel tote. Incorporating a liner in your process minimizes downtime on the unit, making your asset’s turnaround time immediate. Through a simple, one-minute install, you are saving time and money. Install, fill, discharge, and remove the liner. Your stainless-steel tote is clean and ready to be filled again.

Featured Showcase

iGPS Logistics: Sustainable, Cost Effective Supply Chain Solution

iGPS Logistics is the market leader in providing innovative, sustainable supply chain solutions. We provide the most advanced and cost-efficient plastic pallet-based solutions available today. Our lightweight, 100% recyclable plastic pallets and associated technologies help reduce transport and production costs, maximize ASRS efficiency, reduce product damage, increase employee safety and lower carbon emissions. Want to see just how much you can lower your own greenhouse gas emissions by using iGPS pallets? Use our calculator by clicking Switching to iGPS is fast and easy, and the benefits begin on day one.  For more information, please contact us at 1-800-884-0225 or visit

Featured Showcase

RM2 BLOCKPal™: Hygienic pooled pallets & embedded IoT technology

RM2’s IoT-enabled BLOCKPal pooled pallets are designed for optimal performance in the world’s most demanding supply chains. Each pallet features embedded End-to-end Logistics Intelligence Optimization and Tracking (ELIoT™) technology, giving users end-to-end supply chain visibility and actionable insights to enable smarter, data-driven asset and inventory management. Learn more at

Featured Showcase

Schoeller Allibert’s Cost-Saving 265 Gallon Foldable IBC

Fill it. Ship it. Fold it. Return it! Schoeller Allibert’s Combo Excelsior Hybrid® bulk container is the superior sustainable packaging solution for bulk liquid packaging for food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, juices, sauces, raw ingredients, and any other liquid or even powdered products you need to pack, store, and ship in bulk. The Combo Excelsior Hybrid® can replace your plastic and metal drums and bottle-in-cage totes, as it can be filled, shipped, emptied, folded, and returned back to the manufacturing point to be used over and over for up to 15 years! The Combo Excelsior Hybrid® will improve your operations and logistics efficiencies and contribute to your cost-savings, sustainability, and health and safety initiatives! For more information, please visit us at and, email us at, or contact us at 623-889-7970.

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