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ELKHART, IN – Elkhart Plastics, Inc. (Elkhart Plastics) has developed an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBCs) known as the Tuff Cube™ for the Canadian market. Designed to fit a variety of application and process uses, these IBCs are made using the highest-quality rotationally-molded plastic components. IBCs from Elkhart Plastics offer a more affordable option than steel-cage IBC designs.

Available in a 454-liter size, Elkhart Plastics now engineers and manufactures a variety of customizable IBC options including food-safe and recyclable resins, a large range of colors, and a variety of inset logo and labeling capabilities.

Rotomolded IBCs from Elkhart Plastics can be stacked, washed, and reused and have attained independent UN/DOT certification. Low-volume production as well as high-volume runs of 5,000 or more are available to better serve IBC users of all size.

Made with the same rotomolding technique as the company’s existing line of custom and off-the-shelf plastic products, the rotomolded construction of these IBCs provides excellent impact strength. They are also backed by Elkhart Plastics’ nearly 30 years of expert customer service.

“We are excited to add the Tuff Cube to Elkhart Plastics’ product line,” said Jack Welter, CEO of Elkhart Plastics. “The Tuff Cube IBCs are a spin-off of our Tuff Stack™ IBCs which are measured in gallons instead of liters.

“Developing IBCs for both the Canadian and American markets is yet another example of Elkhart Plastics’ dedication to meeting the needs of our existing customers while reaching out to new markets,” Welter said.

Intermediate Bulk Containers from Elkhart Plastics are designed and manufactured in the United States at the company’s Middlebury, Ind., Littleton, Colo., and Ridgefield, Wash., locations and shipped worldwide.

For more information about rotomolded Intermediate Bulk Containers from Elkhart Plastics and the company’s other rotomolded products, visit


Elkhart Plastics, Inc. is a 29-year-old, privately held American company. One of the largest custom rotational molding companies in the United States, Elkhart Plastics has five plants and more than 600 employees nationwide. Understanding that application drives design, their experience and knowledge can create unique parts using the rotomolding process in addition to producing a number of proprietary items.

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