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Drader Manufacturing and Paxxal Inc Join Reusable Packaging Association

By December 3, 2014December 30th, 2020General, Press Releases, RPA News

Linden, VA, Dec. 3, 2014 – The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA), continues to grow in strength and number. The newest members of the association are Drader Manufacturing, a manufacturer of reusable products including containers, bins, pallets, dunnage, and other protective packaging; and Paxxal, which provides a pallet series made from Siluma – a new patented material designed to outperform plastic.

“We joined the RPA to gain a better understanding of the industry and to become a stronger advocate for plastic products. We expect that our involvement will let us bring more value to our clients and peers,” said Kevin McTavish, Vice President of Manufacturing at Drader.

Paxxal joined the RPA, “to help grow the reusable packaging market and learn best practices from leading sustainable companies to ensure that we provide products that meet international standards,” said Majed Jalali of Paxxal. ”We also want to enhance the brand recognition for our company and for our pallets.”

About Drader

Drader Manufacturing is “Canada’s National Molder” with facilities in Edmonton, AB and Brampton, ON. Utilizing injection molding and thermoforming, Drader supplies bread trays, pallets, dairy cases, and various returnable plastic containers for retail and commercial applications.

About Paxxal

Paxxal’s pallet series is made from Siluma – a new state-of-the-art material that outperforms plastic. The patented material, combined with customized, fully automated rotational molding process and high volume pallet manufacturing capabilities, creates a pallet with an aerated core that is stronger, lighter, 100% recyclable, and overall, more cost effective than existing plastic pallets.


About the RPA
The Reusable Packaging Association is a collaborative effort between manufacturers, poolers, distributors, retailers and educators to promote the environmental, safety, and economic benefits of reusable packaging. The RPA serves as the collective voice of the industry and uses its knowledge of the members’ products and services to advance the adoption of reusable packaging and systems throughout the supply chain. The RPA is focused on promoting the expansion of reusables as the preferred packaging solution across supply chains in all industries. For more information, visit or call (703) 224-8284.

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