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Closed Cell Foam Leader Introduces Worldcell™ to Its Product Line

By February 2, 2016December 30th, 2020General

Elkhart, Indiana – February, 2016

Worldwide Foam, Ltd., the leading supplier of closed cell foam in North America, announced today that it added Worldcell™ to its product line. Worldcell™ is a microcellular extruded polypropylene blend sheet. It is an ideal replacement of plastic corrugated sheets, which are widely used in applications such as handheld tote dunnage, containers, and divider sets. Worldwide Foam, Ltd., which prides itself on supplying returnable packaging materials with superior customer service for the automotive industry, is producing 38lb, 26lb, and 18lb density Worldcell™ sheets in Elkhart, Indiana to supply the reusable packaging market in North America.

“We are excited to bring the Worldcell™ foam board to the North American market and add to production lines here in Indiana”, says president of Worldwide Foam, Ltd., John Petrofsky. “This material has been widely used to replace plastic corrugated sheets in the automotive industry in Asia and gained great market share in returnable packaging over the last few years. Previously, this type of material was only available from Japan, with very long lead time and high costs.”

Compared to traditional plastic corrugated sheet, extruded polypropylene sheet is easier to clean and has no open spaces (flutes) to trap dirt, liquid, or any contaminations. Since, it has no flute directions, most packaging engineers have found it easier for die cutting and waterjet cutting. It also provides “Class A” surface without adding extra lamination, and this will save time and money on fabrication processes. The Worldcell™ is 100% recyclable and Worldwide Foam, Ltd. also provides recycle services to take back any scrap or edge trim.

To learn more details about the Worldcell™, pricing, or to request samples, please contact, or visit the website at

About Worldwide Foam, Ltd.

Worldwide Foam, Ltd. is the fastest growing closed cell foam supplier in North America. It began in 2008 and has revolutionized the industry by offering one day lead time, four convenient locations, and variety of product densities, colors, and sizes.

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