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CHEP’s new tracking technology to cut supply chain costs

Las Vegas, NV – October 15th, 2015 – At the recent PACK EXPO trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, CHEP Pallecon Solutions presented their latest asset tracking technologies. Designed to provide world class asset management across the supply chain, CHEP’s tracking solutions allow companies to improve operational efficiencies and significantly reduce costs.

CHEP-TRAC provides users with the tools and software they need to achieve 24/7 visibility over their assets. With the ability to integrate at all points of the supply chain, the system automates data capture and reduces costly error rates. The solution is compatible with multiple systems such as 2D scanning, RFID and GPS devices.

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CHEP TRAC also works with a wide range hardware including tags, handheld scanners, RFID readers, stationary portals and mobile phones, with the data being uploaded to a secure cloud environment.

CHEP Pallecon Solutions also launched its Containers Mobile Application which provides a host of benefits such as real-time GPS locations of shipments using peer-to-peer technology, quick access and insight into container orders and movements, one-touch for order history, shipping, receiving, quality control, damage notifications, and online ordering. In addition, manufacturers, as well as their suppliers, end users and freight carriers can utilize this application to simplify day-to-day operations. It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

“We are delighted with the amount of interest generated by these solutions as many different industries look to acquire comprehensive asset management systems and often have to develop their own -this technology enables companies to access CHEP’s proven world class asset management expertise.”, said Keith Schall, Director of Information Technology for CHEP Containers North America, “People are realizing that item-level asset management systems are the most effective way to manage their assets and ultimately reduce CAPEX.”

For more information on this state-of-the-art asset tracking system seen at PACK EXPO, please reach out to CHEP at or call us at 888.873.2277.

Brambles Limited (ASX:BXB) is a supply-chain logistics company operating in more than 50 countries, primarily through the CHEP and IFCO brands. The Group specialises in the pooling of unit-load equipment and associated services, focusing on the outsourced management of pallets, crates and containers. Brambles primarily serves the consumer goods, dry grocery, fresh food, retail and general manufacturing supply chains. In addition, the Group operates specialist businesses serving the automotive, aviation and oil and gas sectors. Brambles employs more than 14,000 people and owns approximately 500 million pallets, crates and containers through a global network of approximately 850 service centres. For further information, please visit

About CHEP Pallecon Solutions

CHEP Pallecon Solutions is a supply chain management company based in Livonia, MI that has been offering comprehensive container management services – including container rental, cleaning, repair and container tracking – since 1998.  CHEP helps its food, beverage, cosmetic, non-hazardous chemical, automotive and general manufacturing customers reduce material handling costs while improving supply chain performance and initiating environmental practices.  CHEP Pallecon Solutions also has divisions in the EMEA and APAC regions. For the past eight years the team at CHEP Pallecon Solutions has been named one of Food Logistics’ top 100 technology solution providers and has been named one of Supply & Demand Chain’s Green Supply Chain award recipients five times.   For more information on CHEP container rental and container management services, visit or call (888) 619-1923.

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