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CHEP Pallecon Solutions Named Top Tech Provider for Seventh Consecutive Year

Livonia, MI – January 14th, 2015 – Food Logistics Magazine has named CHEP Pallecon Solutions one of their 2014 Top 100 Software and Technology Providers for the seventh year in succession since 2008.

For over a decade Food Logistics has recognized the Top 100 software, hardware and IT service providers who enable food manufacturers to improve their supply chain efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. The list of award-winners highlights a broad range of solutions and services which address the supply chain needs of businesses both large and small across the food industry.

CHEP strives to bring unique and innovative solutions to the market through on-going investment in the right people, processes and technology, which consistently keeps them on the FL100 list. Their recognition in 2014 reflected key improvements to CHEP-TRAC, the proprietary container tracking software suite that offers a variety of tracking options to the food and beverage industry. CHEP-TRAC now includes advanced HACCP data tracking capabilities and CHEP-RAPID RFID technology, allowing for fast and accurate data capture at critical points as assets move throughout the supply chain.  “Fostering a culture of innovation is critical for our business,” said Drew Merrill, VP, General Manager at CHEP Pallecon Solutions, “As regulatory demands increase within the food and beverage manufacturing environment, our customers are constantly seeking improved services that leverage the latest technology trends.”

For over 16 years, CHEP Pallecon Solutions has provided food, beverage, cosmetic and non-hazardous chemical manufacturers with scalable, customizable supply chain solutions to best fit their unique business needs. From container rental and sales to a host of management services including container tracking, repair, cleaning and storage; CHEP delivers holistic supply chain programs to their food and beverage clients.

To learn more about the complete container management programs CHEP offers for handling both dry and liquid goods, visit

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