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Cabka plastic pallets at MODEX 2012

St. Louis, 18. January 2012 - Cabka North America Inc. presents new plastic pallets at MODEX in Atlanta, GA from February 6-9, 2012.

CABKA offers the whole spectrum of plastic pallets from regranulates: from durable logistics pallets to lightweight export pallets. Among other plastic pallets CABKA will present the distribution and food industry pallet CPP 330c with a closed deck, which was specifically designed with the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries in mind.

Also developed with regard to the applications of the food industry logistics Cabka will show the CPP 440c nestable container pallet with a closed deck, to maximize the available space when using an ISO container.

The highlight of the last year was the introduction of the CPP 130, the first nestable light weight pallet that is compatible with all roller and chain conveyor systems. This pallet is shown the very first time at MODEX.

The CPP 130 is a radical departure from Cabka’s today’s standard nestable, light-weight series. The specially designed bottom support enables nestability and transportation on automated conveyor systems. The contact area of the 12 feet is 350% more than other nestable pallets. The CPP 130 has already been approved for use, it operates successfully at a Unilever plant for shipping blow molded bottles between the molding plant and the filling plant.

The CPP 200 semi pallet convinces as a highperformance display pallet for retailers: With its dynamic load capacity of 1,100 – 2,200 lbs the durability and dimensional stability of the pallet is simply perfect.

Also Cabka will show the new CPP 350 series of customized pallets from half-size, like 48”x23”, 48”x20”, 40”x27”, 40”x24” to quarter-size 24”x20” and even several formats in between, like 27”x23”, 27”x20”, 24”x23”. CABKA’s engineers have made all of the middle legs as a “double” leg and all the middle ribs as double ribs. This will allow, to cut the pallet in smaller sizes without losing any of its stability or strength.

These pallets can be produced in small quantities as well as large quantities for a very reasonable price. The new CPP 350 series are designed to optimize cargo space, as well as it is an excellent display pallet.

CABKA North America Inc., MODEX # 4718

CABKA produces export and reusable plastic pallets and boxes in St. Louis (USA), Toronto (Canada) and Weira (Germany). CABKA employs almost 300 staff members in Europe and North America. CABKA products are represented in more than 40 countries around the world.

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