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Cabka Introduces BigBag Divider: Safe and Economic Transport and Storage Solution for Bulk Bags

Cabka-IPS announces its most innovative product of 2015, the BigBag Divider. This intelligent product design has been engineered as a smart solution for transporting and storing bulk bags, while at the same time, solving a number of identified challenges due to damages caused from wooden pallet usage.

The BigBag Divider was custom-designed for block stacking. It is free of splintering and sharp edges and protects the bags stacked in this manner against abrasion and damage. The main elements are the four-sided fork shafts, which enable easy and safe stacking using a forklift. The tunnel design protects the bags from contact with the fork arms, which in turn can be retracted smoothly.

The transport and block stacking of bulk bags on standard pallets pose a lot of challenges. The large openings at the bottom of the standard pallets can cause damage to bulk bags. Bags filled with powder and granules can shift causing the bags to settle and making it difficult to remove from a standard pallet. Nails, splinters and sharp edges on wooden pallets tear the bulk bags causing product to fall out.

Therefore, the BigBag Divider offers solutions for all of these real world issues while making it a reliable source for transport while reducing process costs. Its nestability, when empty, requires very little storage when in transit by truck or sea freight containers. Not only does it save on space, but it reduces CO2 emissions as well. And with bulk bags being a main solution for transporting and storing bulk goods, the BigBag Divider is the product to count on.

The BigBag Divider is available in two different sizes, 40 x 40 | 43 x 43, and weighs between 14.5 & 18.5 lbs based upon the material grade chosen. Depending on the field application, the BigBag Divider is offered in two different types of recycled materials: Recycled ACM – a low cost, alternative to one way shipping. Recycled HDPE – best suited for returnable containers, logistical circuits and long-term use in warehouses. The product design also offers raised edges so no slipping or overlapping of bags occurs, and a flat, stable contact surface that is ideal for automatic roller conveyors.

Cabka-IPS produces plastic pallets and boxes in Weira (Thuringia), leper (Belgium), Valencia (Spain) and St. Louis, MO (USA). The company employs around 500 people in Europe and North America. Cabka-IPS products are in use in more than 80 countries. For more information and pricing: Chris DeNovi, Director of Sales Tel. +1.314.731.0302, CABKA North America, Inc. | 123 Byassee Drive | St. Louis, MO 63042 | USA

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