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CABKA and IPS Announce Merger

CABKA GmbH, Germany, and IPS – Innova Packaging Systems NV, Belgium, are to merge under the umbrella of the newly founded CABKA Group, as announced recently by the CEOs of both companies, Gat Ramon, Jacques Vanmoortel and Richard Metzler. Until a joint brand is announced, the CABKA and IPS labels will remain intact.

Thanks to their product portfolios, CABKA and IPS complement one another optimally to form a broad-based provider of plastic pallets, boxes and pallet boxes. Both companies have successfully found niches in terms of their market positions – CABKA with its particular focus on inexpensive one-way pallets for export; IPS with its concentration on higher-priced multi-way pallets.

The merger enables two well-established companies to improve their market positions, and become more effective in developing further innovations.

“We want to organically grow together by way of a strong range and continuous innovation-based expansion,” Gat Ramon said, Director and Management Spokesperson of the new CABKA Group. “For example, we are going to set up a production line complete with recycling plant for mixed plastics in the vicinity of Ypres (Belgium).”

The companies not only complement one another well in terms of their product portfolios, but are also a good geographical fit. While CABKA has a strong presence in Germany (Weira, Berlin), North America (St. Louis) and Spain (Valencia), Belgium-based IPS (Ypres) serves the Benelux countries – with their strong focus on logistics – as well as the UK, Ireland, France and Spain (Zaragoza).

The new company will employ a total of 390 staff; two thirds of which will come from CABKA and one third from IPS. No changes to the overall employee count are planned.

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