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APR Allen Plastics Repair, Inc. Joins Reusable Packaging Association

By March 16, 2013December 30th, 2020General, Press Releases

Arlington, VA, March 15, 2013 – APR Allen Plastics Repair has joined the Reusable Packaging Association to help increase awareness of the value of reusables and the role of refurbished products and container repair in supporting sustainability initiatives.

APR Allen Plastics Repair has been working with plastic returnable containers since 1985 and specializes in refurbished bulk boxes, container repair, modification, and recycling. The company’s repair services are designed to extend the life of customers’ investments and save them money. In addition to repair, APR provides container modification services that allow customers to use bulk boxes that fit their needs more exactly. APR is also a full-service plastic recycling company; and provides a rental program for companies looking for a short-term, low-investment container solution.

“We believe that the use of returnable containers and our money- and material-saving programs will help reusable packaging become an even more cost effective and sustainable option,” said Dan Allen, President, APR Allen Plastics Repair, Inc. “We appreciate that the RPA shares our view, and we are excited to join forces with other businesses that serve the reusable market. By joining the RPA, we hope to increase our brand awareness and spread the message that APR saves companies money on the reusable containers they already buy.”

About the RPA
The Reusable Packaging Association is a collaborative effort between manufacturers, poolers, distributors, retailers and educators to promote the environmental, safety, and economic benefits of reusable packaging. The RPA serves as the collective voice of the industry and uses its knowledge of the members’ products and services to advance the adoption of reusable packaging and systems throughout the supply chain.  The RPA is focused on promoting the expansion of reusables as the preferred packaging solution across supply chains in all industries. For more information, visit or call (703) 224-8284.

Media contact: Jerry Welcome
1100 N. Glebe Rd, Suite 1010
Arlington, VA  22201
Phone: 703-224-8284
Fax: 703-243-5612
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