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Amatech releases videos to educate manufacturers about the importance of returnable packaging

Amatech, an industry leader in custom designed, reusable, corrugated packaging, is releasing a series of new videos to educate the automotive, appliance, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries on the economic and environmental benefits of returnable, reusable packaging. The educational videos encourage packaging engineers to explore the return on investment of custom designed, returnable packaging and explain the environmental impact of returnable and reusable packaging for lean manufacturing. Videos are available on Amatech’s YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe channels.

Amatech notes that the ROI of custom designed, returnable packaging is especially significant because a company can effectively eliminate repeated expendable packaging purchases and improve workplace efficiency by making parts easier to pack, handle, stock and unpack. The videos explain how automation through the Amatech process leads to a reduction of overall logistical operations costs, reducing overhead and increasing profit margin. Manufacturing companies will be taken through Amatech’s entire process to show how an investment in returnable packaging can reduce costs, drive sustainability and optimize a company’s supply chain.

Amatech is extremely flexible when it comes to customizing product packaging. Amatech’s videos note that their customizable packaging comes in almost any shape and any size. Products include everything from totes for Class-A products and specially designed pharmaceutical packaging to foam lining for electronics and even corrugated plastic dividers for industrial usage.

The reusable packaging process has an additional perk: it helps the environment. Amatech promises that their green, reusable packaging helps companies reduce inventory and product waste and become more efficient.

About Amatech 
Amatech designs and fabricates durable, reusable, high-quality packaging to suit the needs of a wide range of industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, appliances, electronics, material handling and others. Amatech products are built with Coroplast. Coroplast is North America’s market share leader and largest manufacturer of corrugated plastic sheet for reusable packaging. With two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Amatech can quickly and efficiently handle projects from anywhere in North America. To learn more about reusable, sustainable, returnable packaging, visit

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