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Membership to the Reusable Packaging Association requires an annual dues payment. For Regular Members, the annual dues amount is assessed based on the company's annual sales of reusable packaging products and services. Select the sales range below to determine your company's annual dues payment.

Membership Categories

Regular Members

Companies that design, manufacture and market reusable packaging products; provide pooling or logistics services; provide technology or automation; and supply raw materials for production. Annual membership dues are based on annual reusable packaging industry sales:

< $10 million $ 3,000
$10 – $20 million $ 6,000
$20 million + $12,000

Primary (End) User Members

Companies and organizations that use rented or purchased reusable packaging products for the transportation of goods in supply chains (i.e. grower-shippers, consumer products companies, OEMs, retailers, etc.)

Annual dues are $1,500.

Industry Advocates

Nonprofit associations, government entities or academic institutions who’s work promotes or supports the use of reusable packaging solutions.

No annual dues.

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