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RPA is a membership-based non-profit global trade organization that includes companies participating in the supply, use, and service of a reusable transport packaging system involving products such as pallets, bulk bins, totes, trays, containers, racks, wraps, and dunnage. Regular members are businesses that process or supply raw materials; design, make and market transport packaging products and associated components; provide pooling and logistics services; use and handle the reusable packaging in processing, manufacturing, distribution and retail environments; and offer technology, automation, and handling services to the industry.

Qualifications for Membership

RPA defines a "reusable packaging product" as having the four characteristics listed below. If your company works with a packaging product that meets these characteristics, your company likely qualifies for RPA membership.

The reusable packaging product is:

  1. Designed and manufactured for durability and lasting repeatable use in its original or repaired condition over an extended period generally measured in years.
  2. Used in a managed system that ensures its post-use recovery, return and repositioning for continuous purpose.
  3. Intended for packaging source reduction and elimination of single-use or one-way solid waste generation.
  4. Never disposed of or sent to landfill following use, as effort is made to capture the inherent material value for another manufacture or purpose.

It is important to distinguish that a recyclable product or a product made from recycled materials is not necessarily reusable. Reusable products are repeatedly used in their existing form before they are recycled. Products made and intended for a single use destined for recycling are not reusable.

Why Join RPA?

For over two decades RPA has been working with member companies to represent and advance the business interests of the reusable transport packaging industry. Today, RPA is the global leader in advocating reusable packaging systems and managing programs for member collaboration on common industry objectives. Join RPA to engage with the reusable packaging industry, network with leading reuse experts and practitioners, build relationships with partners and customers, increase awareness on reuse strategies and tactics, promote your company and market reuse solutions, and contribute to a growing reuse economy.

Member Benefits


Increase your company’s visibility with potential customers through RPA marketing and our online Member Directory, where hundreds of buyers each month search for suppliers.


Use the industry alliance to network, collaborate, create a better business climate, and tackle common challenges. Make your voice heard through committee participation, leadership positions, and speaking opportunities.


Exhibit your products and services inside the RPA Pavilions at major trade shows, use RPA’s communication outlets
and education venues to promote your company’s news and views, and identify with the RPA brand as a trusted and reliable supplier.


Leverage members only information, forums and tools for greater industry engagement and resources for your business.

Membership Categories

Regular Members

Companies that design, manufacture and market reusable packaging products; provide pooling or logistics services; provide technology or automation; and supply raw materials for production. Annual membership dues are based on annual reusable packaging industry sales:

< $10 million:  $3,750
$10 – $100 million:  $7,500
> $100 million:  $15,000

Primary (End) User Members

Companies and organizations that use rented or purchased reusable packaging products for the transportation of goods in supply chains (i.e. grower-shippers, consumer products companies, OEMs, retailers, etc.)

Annual dues are $500.

Industry Advocates

Nonprofit associations, government entities or academic institutions who’s work promotes or supports the use of reusable packaging solutions.

No annual dues.

Coming Soon in 2023: NEW membership category for individuals in either B2B or B2C reuse applications wanting a formal connection to RPA with insider benefits! Students with academic standing will be offered a complimentary individual membership. Stay tuned for more details about this opportunity for individuals to join RPA.

What to know more about RPA membership?

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