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Membership Benefits Table

This table outlines the eligible member programs for each membership category.

Regular Members:
Companies or Organizations

Supplier Businesses

A company that processes or supplies raw
materials; designs, makes or markets reusable
packaging products or associated
components; provides pooling or logistics
services; or offers technology, automation, or
handling equipment or services to the

Regular Members:
Companies or Organizations

Primary (End) Users

A company or organization that receives and
handles owned or leased reusable packaging
products in an operating use environment for
the packing and distribution of commercial

Companies or Organizations

Industry Advocates

Organizations such as universities, consulting
firms, and non governmental interest groups
that contribute to the promotion or education
of reusable packaging systems.

Professionals or Students

Reuse Leaders

Individuals interested in reusable packaging
systems or markets in either B2B or B2C
applications, including entrepreneurs,
sustainability professionals, consultants,
investors, advisors, and packaging engineers,
for example.

Voting Privileges

Bylaws II(3): "All dues paying Regular Members of the Association shall be entitled to vote on all matters relating to the Association, including but not limited to the election of Elected Directors and the conduct of a major corporate event."


Board of Directors Eligibility

Bylaws IV(4): "Only individuals employed by Regular Members may serve as Officers and Directors."

XXBy Invitation

Committee Participation

Committees or workstreams assemble members for the purposes of a forum on common industry issues and collaborative projects for advancement of industry education or promotion.

XXXBy Invitation

Trade Show Pavilion Access

Partnered trade events hosting a dedicated exhibit space exclusive for members to take a booth and showcase their reusable packaging products and services, such as the Reusable Packaging Pavilion at PACK EXPO.


Trade Show Live Education

Participation as a sponsor, speaker, or panelist at an in-person or virtual education conference, such as the Reusable Packaging Learning Center at PACK EXPO.

XXXBy Invitation

Marketing and Media Promotion

Activities for the promotion of industry messaging and regular member companies through channels such as the Reusables Marketplace, Inner Loop blog, Reuse on Replay podcast, webinars, social media, and press coverage.


Excellence Award

Eligibility to apply and win the annual Excellence in Reusable Packaging Award celebrating a reuse system, design innovation, and product technology in the commercial marketplace.


Reuse Leaders Education Webinars

Member-exclusive seminars featuring subject matter experts who share business insights and answer attendee questions.


RPA Newsletter & Communications

Emailed communications of news and announcements on industry topics, association activities, and member opportunities.


Members-Only Website Access

User account access to non-public files, association documents, and committee activities


Special Reports Access

Receipt of proprietary publications free of charge, such as the State of the Industry report and committee whitepapers


RPA Events Invitation

Participation at member events and activities, such as industry forums and networking receptions.


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