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Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Kevin Mazula


Chief Executive Officer, RM2

Andy Schumacher


Vice President of Packaging Systems, SSI Schaefer

Willemijn Peeters

Industry Advisor

Chief Executive Officer, Searious Business

Samantha Goetz

Vice Chairman

Marketing & Communications Manager, ORBIS Corporation

Ben Stoller

Past Chairman

Chief Executive Officer, Paxxal

Board Members

David Perrine

Director Sales & Partnerships, ACSIS, Inc.

Steve Russell

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Cabka

Leslie LeMair

Vice President Sales & Marketing, Georg Utz

Zach Riggs

Director Fulfillment, Pickup Strategy & PM, Kroger Company

Shawn Stockman

Vice President of Sustainability Solutions, OnePak

Jonathan North

VP Sustainable & Core Solutions, Rehrig Pacific Company

Aubree Duncan

Global Director Quality & Food Safety

Morten Bielefeldt

Senior VP Sales & Services, Brüel Systems

Brandon D’Emidio

Senior Director, Global Product Development, CHEP

Graham Connor

Senior Vice President Sales & Customer Support, iGPS

Ben Waterman

Manager Business Development, Monoflo International

Amy Lathrop

President, Perfect Pallets

William Wappler

Chief Executive Officer, Surgere

David Kruger

President, TriEnda Corporation