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About the Reusable Packaging Association

Founded in 1999, the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) is a non-profit trade organization representing and promoting the common and pro-competitive business interests of member suppliers and users of reusable packaging products and services. RPA connects the industry to expand, innovate and validate reusable packaging systems.

Promoting the Use and Value of Reusable Transport Packaging for Over 20 Years

RPA supports members today for a stronger business climate tomorrow, fulfilling the promise of a zero-waste, resource-efficient and highly-visible supply chain through reusable packaging.

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Our Members

RPA member companies include businesses which: supply raw materials; design, make and market transport packaging products; provide pooling and logistics services; use and handle the reusable packaging in processing, manufacturing, distribution and retail environments; and offer technology and automation services to the industry.

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Our Board

Strategic and budgetary oversight of the RPA is provided by the Board of Directors and led by the Executive Committee, comprised of the Chairman and Vice Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer, and the President & CEO. The Board is elected annually by the membership and represents all regular members.

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Our Work

The work of the RPA is principally carried out by four channels of member engagement:

Trade Show Programs

Showcase innovations and provide educational insights on industry trends, case studies and product developments.


Bring members together in a collaborative environment to address common issues and to advance industry projects.


Provide relevant and credible industry news, data and resources across trade and social media channels.

Government Affairs

Enables RPA’s collective voice to advocate industry positions on legislative and regulatory matters.

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