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Experts from Produce Business article by Bob Johnson

CHEP, Gerawan Farming and Litco discuss how pallets can affect sales, product and employee productivity and safety.

Pallets used to transport fruits and vegetables to retail outlets nationwide increasingly play a vital role.  How those pallets are loaded and unloaded has a significant impact on the bottom line.  Knowledge of pallets, pallet programs and the companies that provide them is as essential for produce retailers as knowing the growers who provide fruit and vegetables.  “Not all pallets are created equal,” says Denver Schutz, technical services manager for Gerawan Farming, Sanger, CA. Retailers should learn as much as they can about the pallets their suppliers are using and how these pallets impact their operations in a positive or negative way. The retailer can identify best practices and create a standard that all their suppliers can adhere to.”

To read the whole article go to: February Produce Business article

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