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9 New Members Join RPA in 2011: Monoflo, Millwood, Fitzmark, Inc., Lomold USA, Polymer Solutions Inc., Wave Reaction ALSCO, Coroplast and Amatech/Polycel, Inc.

By March 15, 2011December 30th, 2020Member News, RPA News

The RPA is pleased to introduce its newest members: Monoflo International; Fitzmark, Inc, Lomold USA, Millwood, Inc., Polymer Solutions Inc., Anwood Logistics Systems Company Ltd (ALSCO), Coroplast, Inc., Wave Reaction and Amatech/Polycel, Inc.

“The addition of these respected companies is a great start for membership for 2011,” says Jerry Welcome, President, RPA. “We look forward to them sharing their insights and experiences with the RPA membership.”

Many of the new members will also be exhibiting in the RPA Pavilion at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, September 26 – 28.

Wave Reaction provides returnable container management software and RFID tracking hardware used solely for reusable packaging solutions. Karl Malik will serves as the RPA Executive Representative.

Polymer Solutions International Inc is a global manufacturer of a wide variety of reusable plastic material handling products including pallets and shipping containers for the beverage, food, industrial and medical industries. Jack Kelly will serve as the RPA Executive Representative.

Lomold USA LLC markets the LOMOLD™ pallet and pallet system in North America, The LOMOLD™ pallet system is an innovative complex 3-dimensional long-glass fiber composite pallet and related products, Niels Martin, President will serve as the RPA Executive Representative.

Fitzmark Inc is primarily a freight and logistics manager. Fitzmark manages and administers freight needs for a number of industries. One of the specialties is working with companies who own a fleet of returnable assets. Another area of focus is on consolidation of LTL freight into large partials, to create freight cost savings for customers and allow them to move their container assets or general smaller freight quantities at lower prices than traditional LTL modes. Fitzmark is also the sole sales agent for a unique shipping container, the SmartVault and PharmaVault, which is a returnable, reusable shipping solution, unique to the industry verticals, designed specifically to shop high value goods, that are subject to tampering, theft and of damage, the vault eliminates many of these risk factors. Chris Sapyta will serve as the RPA Executive Representative

Millwood Incorporated and its subsidiaries are industry leaders in the supply of consumable packaging to items such as wooden packaging, plastic bags, stretch-film, shrink film, fiber-board separator sheets, slip sheet, corner boards and lumber. Millwood offers retrieval/recycling programs in these product lines to both, independent-small business facilities and Fortune 500 companies. Millwood’s Liberty Technologies division can provide turn-key integrated turn-key packaging systems which include a variety of options such as: stretch-wrap, shrink-wrap, palletization, strapping/banding, various conveyances and bundling. Systems can be designed specific to customers’ needs through in-house engineering staff. Additionally, Millwood can provide full dock clearing programs for manufacturers and distribution facilities which include removal of scrap pallets, corrugate, plastics, office paper and other recyclables. Greg Jarvis, Director of Supply Integra¬tion, Sustainability & Logistic Services, is the company’s representative to the RPA.

Monoflo leverages leading technology to provide plastic reusable systems that offer unique solutions to the many industries they serve. They understand that today’s marketplace is facing increased pressure to reduce costs, limit risk exposure, and improve supply chain performance. Whether the need is collapsible hand held containers like those the company pioneered or their plastic pallet and bulk containers that are the market’s performance leaders, Monoflo has the right reusable solution. Denny Williams, Monoflo’s Industry Manager, is the company’s RPA representative.

Coroplast is a manufacturer of profile extruded polypropylene sheet. While the majority of its products are sold through distribution to various industries, including graphic sheet, construction, and single use packaging, they are targeting growth in the reusable packaging sector. Its products get used today as dunnage in applications such as automotive part reshippers but the company is also targeting several other industries, such as agriculture, for further penetration in this segment. An example of this would be a collapsible lightweight carton used in the harvesting and processing of crops. John McCurdy is the company’s RPA representative.

ALSCO, based in China, is the association’s fourth international member. It is a leading logistics services and packaging manufacturer and solutions provider in the Asia-Pacific region. ALSCO has been providing high quality products and returnable packaging solutions for the automotive, retail and transport industries across the world since 1998. ALSCO has earned its positive reputation and respect among its business partners by providing professional solutions, quality goods, and on time delivery. Among the company’s clientele are top OEM car manufacturers such as GM, Toyota, VW, Ford, Honda and Mazda. ALSCO is starting global operations to offer the company’s customers a complete supply chain solution for returnable packaging. ALSCO’s products range from returnable packaging to intelligence logistics systems to match different demand of the company’s clientele. The company’s representative is Sheila Yan.

Amatech/Polycel manufactures custom-designed, reusable, collapsible corrugated plastic boxes, dunnage, and related shipping and storage products. Application engineers assist OEMs, distributors, sales reps and consultant to create economical and user-friendly designs. Amatech/Polycel assists customers in every step of the process from concept, design and proto-typing, to final manufacturing. In business for over 20 years, the company has locations in Erie, PA and Colum¬us OH. David Amatangelo, President of Amatech/Polycel Inc., will serve as the Executive Representative to the RPA.

For more information about membership contact Jerry Welcome.

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